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An Intuitive Guide to The Entrepreneurial Career Path


Like a supernova, you feel stuck and feel like you were born with a mission to create or build something, because you instinctively believe your project idea more than anything else in your life. If you can’t even express with words how your life project would be like, what direction it would take, what steps that it takes to do it yourself from start to finish, you have a HUGE potential to explore. If that sounds connection, please keep reading, because I wrote this article specially for you. 

Save as much as you can

Personally, this is certainly something that I have a degree of regret. Since very young, I was taught that we can live with very little, and still find happiness on simple things that life has to offer. When you value happiness over money, you might end up finding a path where you would simply give up the mainstream – study, work hard, and have fun. If you are like me, you may prefer the unknown, alternative method of doing things. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You might love to explore, and live new experiences, because you know that those short term trade offs bring you more joy, other than spending sweat and tears to buy lifetime objects that in the end, brings you down as much as they add weight to back. Leaving the regrets aside, valuing your own money will also teach you how to value your customer’s money. The reason why I advise on that is simple: the more efficient you become with your spend, the higher your chances to win a high value, long term contract.

Resist the temptation of risk

There is a difference between risking your own skin, and risking your money. When you put yourself in trouble, or put yourself in a situation that is naturally uncomfortable for you, you’d have to learn how to deal with it. You become stronger as much as you learn how to overcome those hypothetically difficult situations. It’s like installing a new script into your brain, that runs every time that you face similar situations in your life. No matter what you do with yourself, risking does also teach you how to become more responsible, and resilient, as far as your appetite for risks decreases as you get older. Risking money though, is similar to risking the rewards that you get from exchanging more valuable resources, such as the time that you dedicate for work and study, for example. Obviously, it’s much harder to recover from big losses, than smaller amounts, like those never ending fractions of digital currency that we spend for fun. However, one thing is a fact: large companies prefer stability over risk, because a fraction can mean a lot in or out of their pockets. For them, it’s usually better to have a small, yet predictable income from many customers, other than few milliard contracts.

Avoid luxury

It’s easy to fall into the temptation of luxury when things suddenly become easier as you grow. When you have a strong desire for learning, and seek for something in such level that you become obsessed for it, you quickly become a high-performant. Whatever you spend your time with, luxury, however, is often counterpart of nothing else other than scarcity. Value a more balanced lifestyle, other than unsustainable consumption habits. If you found that luxury is sustainable for you, there might be other people that still, on the other hand, pay the bills to justify the scarcity that is consequence of such imbalance. Luxury vs Equality explains, in my opinion, why some economies are more developed than others, and how rational species have higher chances to prosper when compared to others. Pay attention to extreme habits. They normally lead to speeches like “eliminate poverty”, “minority groups empowerment“, and things like that. 

Find partners

Your key partners are companies who are strictly necessary for you to keep alive in business. While variables can change over time, as long as institutions can also change over the time, value those who have supported you throughout your life. No matter how long you are in business, your co-founders, early stage employees, partners, and suppliers will always be there for you when you need. When things appear to be systemically difficult, there will always be a plenty of people available to inspire, guide, and teach you new things, no matter where you are located, or who you are.

Seek for knowledge, not a certificate

I have seen many friends and colleagues who found themselves happy after completing the graduation. Some of those who continued their academic career to pursue a higher level, and others who jumped to a business career right after their first accomplishment. Personally, I don’t think that there’s right or wrong answer when it comes to life decisions. Because each one, and everyone has their own reasons to chose, I can advise on the path that I have taken for myself. Despite I have had the opportunity to study at the university, I feel happy to have deviated my career in favor to opening a business. That was even before completing the course’s curriculum. The truth though is that knowledge, once achieved, will never be lost. Note that knowledge does also come from practical experience. That said, having a solid foundation provided by a master in your areas of interest, can be as valuable as pure practical experience that you acquire as you work and experience life. If you are seeking to becoming a business owner, prefer a diverse repertoire of experiences, from books to trips, museums, and music, and specialize in your favorite topic.

Find your niche

Whether by influence or not, some people find their occupation earlier than others. However, it’s natural to feel pressure from your network when you have multiple career options to chose. If you fell into a similar situation, try to talk with as many professionals as you can, from the main areas that you are interested on, to the least. Those who captivate you more, will more likely welcome you into their work groups, as you put dedication and effort to join, and participate. Understanding the hierarchy of industries, and how your niche can serve your target company can give you an edge over those who haven’t decide what industry they better fit into. Once you become a skilled expert in a very specific area, and offer your availability to help others, you become the only professional capable of executing a project at a given time.

Practice leads to perfection

This is a controversial topic. However, if you desire to become a reputable lawyer, or engineer for example, you may find that receiving orientation from another reputable academic from start to finish of your journey, is far safer than giving yourself the chance to make mistakes. While it’s true, the truth is that we can’t live without those professionals, as well as we can’t live without technicians of the same areas. Finding and consulting both types of experts will give you the confidence to solve real world problems, and propose practical, scientifically proven solutions. If you want to become a guru, or a highly experienced professional in your field of study, consulting, or collecting advices will back your decisions, and support more competitive business proposals.

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An Intuitive Guide to The Entrepreneurial Career Path
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